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5 Minute Fettuccine Alfredo

Whether he’s with Martha Stewart or his big family, TODAY show food stylist Anthony Contrino never stops cooking. One of his favorite dishes to make is this super easy, five-minute fettuccine Alfredo — and it’s always the star of the table.


Chef Anthony Contrino’s secret to a great lasagna? A meaty sauce – specifically, his hearty Bolognese. Anthony demonstrates how to make this Italian staple then turns it into a saucy sandwich: a Sloppy Bo, his version of a Sloppy Joe. For dinner, Anthony whips up a beautifully layered lasagna with a creamy bechamel sauce.

Christmas Cookies

Celebrate the holidays with two classic cookie recipes from chef Anthony Contrino. First up, he makes nutty mandel bread, a German-style biscotti perfect for enjoying with coffee. Then he makes an Italian-American bakery favorite: rainbow cookies glazed in chocolate.


Are you crazy for coffee? On “Saucy,” Anthony Contrino whips up his favorite coffee drink, a shakerato, which he serves with a pressed panino for lunch. Then he uses the leftover espresso to make an irresistible tiramisu. For an after-dinner drink, Anthony winds down with his version of an espresso martini.

Eggplant Balls

What really happens before a live cooking segment? TODAY show food stylist and “Saucy” star Anthony Contrino takes viewers behind the scenes as he prepares for a delicious demo with Food Network’s Bobby Flay. When the cameras stop rolling, Anthony whips up his family’s favorite appetizer: eggplant balls.

Fall Favorites

Anthony Contrino cozies up to fall with three sweet gifts any Thanksgiving host will love. First up, a super moist pumpkin bread packed with spicy cinnamon flavor. Then he makes irresistible sour cherry and pistachio bars, flecked with coconut. Then, he whips up a boozy spiced and spiked slow-cooker apple cider.

Fathers Day

Anthony Contrino makes two of his favorite dishes to surprise his dad on Father’s Day. For dinner, it’s pasta al vino: a hearty bucatini recipe loaded with flavorful ingredients like Italian sausage, artichokes and white wine. For dessert, Anthony makes a chocolate-hazelnut sausage that also doubles as a great gift.

Roman Meal

Anthony Contrino whips up three classic Italian dishes inspired by Roman cuisine. Up first, his silky pasta carbonara made with rich egg yolks and crispy pancetta. Then he puts a Roman spin on roasted asparagus with loads of pecorino romano cheese and spicy black pepper. Finally, earthy sage and salty prosciutto come together for a delicious chicken saltimbocca.

Pork Milanese

On TODAY All Day’s Saucy, Anthony Contrino whips up his favorite al fresco meal for friends. First, it’s an easy antipasti of orange-rosemary marinated olives. For dinner, he fries up a perfectly crispy pork Milanese. Then to celebrate summer, the chef-turned-bartender whips up two classic Italian cocktails: a Negroni and an Americano.


Anthony Contrino demonstrates how to make an Italian classic recipe: rich and creamy risotto. Then the “Saucy” star uses the leftovers to make a Sicilian staple, irresistible arancini, that he serves with his everyday tomato sauce. To wash it all down, he makes a blood orange cocktail garnished with fresh rosemary.


TODAY Food stylist Anthony Contrino grew up making meatballs with his beloved grandma. Since she made them from memory, he’s spent years trying to recreate this special family dish. This recipe is incredibly easy to make, but it creates a super flavorful meatball that’s tender on the inside, with a crispy seared crust on the outside. Once you try this technique, you’ll never need another meatball recipe!

Madelines Bday

Anthony Contrino is celebrating his niece’s second birthday with three delicious recipes that are perfect for entertaining. First up, he puts a spin on baked ziti with his make-ahead penne alla vodka. Then he whips up a classic crowd-pleaser: sausage and peppers. Finally, it’s a sweet ending to any meal that’s great for kids of all ages: rich chocolate cupcakes with Nutella frosting.


Anthony Contrino whips up three delicious sweet treats infused with the unique flavor of Sorrento lemons. First, he demonstrates how to make a traditional Italian spirit, limoncello, and bottles it up for friends. Then he mixes up a bright lemon curd and pipes it into crispy tartlets. Finally, the chef makes a moist and fragrant lemon-olive oil Bundt cake.

July 4

Tired of the usual cookout cuisine? Take Fourth of July dishes to the next level this summer. On a very patriotic “Saucy,” chef Anthony Contrino creates cheesy provolone-wrapped hot dogs with a spicy overnight giardiniera, then grills up juicy caprese burgers topped with burrata and a balsamic glaze. For dessert, he makes a decadent red, white and blueberry cannoli trifle with fresh berries.