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Anthony in the kitchen eating spaghetti. Anthony in the kitchen eating spaghetti.

First we eat, then
we do everything else.

— M.F.K. Fisher

Anthony Michael Contrino is an Emmy awarded culinary producer, food stylist and on-air personality. While classically trained in the culinary arts, his real education was cooking alongside his Gram. These are the recipes.

Latest Recipes

Seasonal Favorites

It's summer, and while I'll never understand why people love to sweat their ass off in the heat, I can appreciate the amazing produce that has hit the shelves. Here are some of my fave summer recipes...

Featured Video Summer Favorites

Tired of the usual cookout cuisine? Take Fourth of July dishes to the next level this summer. On a very patriotic “Saucy,” chef Anthony Contrino creates cheesy provolone-wrapped hot dogs with a spicy overnight giardiniera, then grills up juicy caprese burgers topped with burrata and a balsamic glaze. For dessert, he makes a decadent red, white and blueberry cannoli trifle with fresh berries.

Boozy Favorites

If there's one thing Spring is good for, it's entertaining. These are some of my go-to cocktails when friends and family drop by.