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Anthony in the kitchen eating spaghetti. Anthony in the kitchen eating spaghetti.

First we eat, then
we do everything else.

— M.F.K. Fisher

Anthony Michael Contrino is an Emmy awarded culinary producer, food stylist and on-air personality. While classically trained in the culinary arts, his real education was cooking alongside his Gram. These are the recipes.

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Seasonal Favorites

Spring has sprung, so you know what that means - bugs and allergies! Remind me why people love this season! While I won't be leaving my apartment unless I have ABSOLUTELY NO CHOICE, I will be shopping all the wonderful produce and making all the tasty things. Here are some of my spring faves!

Featured Video Spring Entertaining

Anthony Contrino whips up his favorite al fresco meal for friends. First, it's an easy antipasti of orange-rosemary marinated olives. For dinner, he fries up a perfectly crispy pork Milanese. Then to celebrate summer, the chef-turned-bartender whips up two classic Italian cocktails: a Negroni and an Americano.

Boozy Favorites

If there's one thing Spring is good for, it's entertaining. These are some of my go-to cocktails when friends and family drop by.