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Anthony in the kitchen eating spaghetti. Anthony in the kitchen eating spaghetti.

First we eat, then
we do everything else.

— M.F.K. Fisher

Anthony Michael Contrino is an Emmy awarded culinary producer, food stylist and on-air personality. While classically trained in the culinary arts, his real education was cooking alongside his Gram. These are the recipes.

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Nothing makes me happier than seeing my own breath on a crisp fall morning. I absolutely love the autumn season, so grab a hoodie and a scarf and cozy up with these comforting recipes!

Featured Video Fall Favorites!

Anthony Contrino cozies up to fall with three sweet gifts any Thanksgiving host will love. First up, a super moist pumpkin bread packed with spicy cinnamon flavor. Then he makes irresistible sour cherry and pistachio bars, flecked with coconut. Then, he whips up a boozy spiced and spiked slow-cooker apple cider.


If there's one thing that pairs well with fall, it's a a warm, hearty bowl of soup - and these are some of my favorites!